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ARTEMIDA DENTAL CLINIC dentistry in Kommunarka

Dental treatment has always scared people, not only because of some painful memories of the past, but also because of the cost of services. Dentistry at ARTEMIDA DENTAL CLINIC is ready to debunk the myth that quality service is always expensive. Come to us for a free consultation at ul. Alexandra Monakhova, 97 (Not far from Linden Park) and see for yourself the qualifications of the experts, because we have nothing to hide.

What we offer

Our dentistry branch in Kommunarka is equipped with the most modern equipment for the preventive therapy and treatment of teeth. We recruited good doctors in all specialties to provide dental services at the European level. In our clinics you will get:

  • free dentist consultation and examination;
  • teeth removal;
  • treatment of inflammatory diseases of the oral organs with the usage of modern methods;
  • orthodontist services - occlusion correction by all known methods and assessment of the condition of the jaws;
  • professional oral hygiene - cleaning with pastes and modern devices;
  • installation of implants and prostheses - correction of single or multiple tooth loss, selection of material for natural color enamel.

For small patients, there are separate specialists for treating children. In the dentistry at Linden Park a child can be received not only by a dentist, but also by an orthodontist. An early start to bite correction will make it the least painful and inexpensive.

Principles of our dentistry

Finding a good dentist in Kommunarka is not easy, so people are mistrustful of new clinics. It is important for us to know what you think about us, therefore ARTEMIDA DENTAL CLINIC works on the principles of:

  • Free acquaintance - getting a dentist's consultation in Kommunarka is inexpensive and easy, and you can do it for free only in our clinic;
  • continuous education- so that our dentists and orthodontists are the best in Kommunarka, we regularly send doctors for advanced training and training in new treatment methods;
  • courtesy and friendliness - in order for the dentist to stop terrifying patients with the invention of anesthesia is not enough, you need a sensitive attitude and respectful communication;
  • a wide range of services - it’s easy to find a dentist, and a professional orthopedic surgeon and also a pediatric one is more difficult, and we have all the specialists in the field of dental treatment;
  • accessibility of services - everyone has teeth, therefore treatment in our clinic is inexpensive in comparison with the prices of other Moscow clinics;
  • innovation and technology - we purchase the latest equipment and train staff in modern treatment methods.

Sign up for dentistry

Residents of the area can contact our dentistry at the following adresse A. Monahovoj, 97 For patients living far from us, the clinic has branches. You can sign up to any of them and find out the details of the reception by calling +7 (968) 856-71-71. Dentists Looking forward to your visit !

Artemida Dental Clinic's doctors

Arzumanyan Aghvan


Nersisyan Norayr

Orthopedist, Periodontist, Surgeon

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